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News:penis enhancement pill

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PostWysłany: Pią 15:17, 30 Mar 2007    Temat postu: News:penis enhancement pill

And yet this argument holds little sway among PE enthusiasts, for whom an oversize dick is often seen as a badge of honor. Indeed, PE chat rooms brim with reports -- presented with thinly veil
ed satisfaction -- of a partner who has been staggered, startled, and downright roughed up by a newly enlarged member. "I've bruised [my wife] internally using certain positions," says a PE enthusiast named Dave. With a larger penis, he adds, "you feel better about yourself and more confident with your partner."
If this sounds irrational -- well, it is. It's a guy thing: pre-logical, instinctual. Maybe even inescapable. It cuts across racial, religious, and economic boundaries. It affects the ugly, the scrawny, the handsome, the strong. And it affects every age group.
"I'm only 14," writes a boy in one of the online PE forums. "The only reason I want to enlarge my penis is that I haven't had sex yet. I don't want my first experience to be a bad one. And plus it makes your life miserable if you have a bad rep."
Hypnotherapist Laurie Straub tells the tale of "a real old man" who came to her for assistance. He had visited a nude beach, this old man, and had come away from it full of despair. "I thought I was normal," he told Straub. "But I have a teeny-weeny wienie."
She tells a story, too, about a man whose eight-year-old son had walked in on him in the bathroom and remarked, "Daddy, you have a big pee-pee."
"I hope you told him he does too," Straub advised the guy, "or he'll be coming to see me in 20 years."
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